Some may attend a church regularly and think they are automatically members. Others may think that church membership doesn't matter - that it's just a ritual and nothing more. All are welcome to attend FCC and worship or seek God, but membership is regarded much more seriously. Membership is a commitment of your time, your talents, and your treasure to FCC. It is more than having your name listed on a church roll. It is publicly identifying yourself as part of the local body of Christ at FCC and committing to a life consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, FCC has high expectations for membership.

    As you may have noticed, FCC does not always do things like a "traditional church." This includes the process of membership. Instead of by congregational approval (like many churches do), membership is granted upon the approval of the FCC Elder Board. Asking for membership does not automatically mean you will be granted membership. The specific steps and procedures for becoming a member are listed in the by-laws section of the FCC Handbook. In addition, FCC practices an annual membership renewal process where all members are asked to reaffirm their commitment to FCC. It's a way of consciously saying to ourselves and to others that our membership is about pleasing God and accurately representing Him to the World!

    The intent of our membership process is not to limit membership but to strengthen it. If you feel God is leading you to become a member of FCC, please contact us and request a copy of the FCC Handbook. Then speak to the pastor or one of our elders, who will be happy to walk you through the membership process!