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    Dane Skelton is the Pastor of Faith Community Church and the author of Jungle Flight: Spiritual Adventures at the Ends of the Earth, a book of true stories from the ministry of JAARS (formerly Jungle Aviation and Radio Service). His second book, Papua Pilot: Flying the Bible to the Last Lost Peoples, co-authored with the late Paul Westlund, is now available on Amazon.com and Christianbook.com.
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      October 16, 2019
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      Life is tough. And it only gets tougher. I’m discovering as I get older, and I know you are too, that “life is good, no worries” is at best a temporary arrangement.  “Life’s a witch” is usually waiting just around the corner.  The tough things in life are one heartbeat, one doctor’s report, one emergency phone call, one company meeting away.

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      November 21, 2018
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      I have a file labeled: When Science Catches Up with Scripture. All kinds of stories  find their way into that file; from law, medicine, the natural sciences, child rearing, business, archeology, and psychology. To qualify, the story must record observations or research on a topic—that’s the science part—that...

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      Teach us to number our days November 7, 2018
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      “My arm won’t quit hurting and I can’t figure it out. It hasn’t slowed me down yet, but I’m in constant discomfort.”

      “The weather has cleared, and I need to be out working but my back is a wreck. I can hardly move. I’m on my way to the doctor now.”

      “My wife used to walk five miles with...

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      What does freedom from sin really mean? September 19, 2018 Dane Skelton
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      “Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16.

      From time to time people ask questions that remind me how deep the discouragement and how hard the battle with sinful impulses can be. One of those came from a friend last week who asked: “What is freedom from the chains of sin? ...

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      June 22, 2018
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      Maybe you remember this scene from the first Indiana Jones movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark . The villain, French archaeologist Beloche’, leans in to the drunk, grieving hero who believes he’s just lost his girlfriend, “Jones!” he insists, “the Ark is a radio for speaking to God!”

      “You wanna talk to...

    • Suicide and mental illness have been much in the news lately. In light of that, and by way of encouragement, I thought I would re-post this story about my brother, who in great pain considered taking his own life, but chose the better path.

      Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that...

    • You have dreams that need waking, aspirations of which you are unaware, mental landscapes that will escape your notice unless someone outside your acquaintance introduces you to them. That someone is waiting to take you to new places this summer, giving you hours of enlightening entertainment, for about the price of a large pizza.

      Of whom are we...

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      May 23, 2018
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      Are you a doctor, a lawyer, a mom or a dad? Are you an engineer or sales rep, a husband or wife or any of a list of a hundred other things? Or are you something more? Have you found and fulfilled the central purpose of your life?

      The great mistake so many of us make is to imagine that only preachers and missionaries have a “calling”...

    • The ruined city lay bare and defenseless before all enemies. Two miles of massive stone wall battered into tons of rubble, ten gigantic gates gouged out by fire, and perhaps more important than all, a pummeled and demoralized people waited and longed for a leader to turn it all around.

      Nehemiah was that man. Against clever, well-connected...

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      March 21, 2018
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      The recent weather reminded me of something I wrote many years ago, when our girls were little, and a blizzard stopped the world for a while. I hope it encourages you as we anticipate more snow Saturday night.

      Monday morning January 24, 2000, dawned bright and clear, but school was still out. The cold and light snow we had experienced the...