About FCC


    FCC's mission is to help people respond to the love and leadership of Jesus Christ. Our vision (the things we do to accomplish the mission) is to create environments that enable people to encounter Jesus as savior, grow up in him as fully developed human beings, follow his lead in service and introduce him to others.

    About FCC:

    Where did FCC come from?

    FCC was founded in 1987 by a small group of people who were looking for an evangelical, non-denominational church experience. From the very beginning, the church was a step of faith. In the summer of 1990, FCC acquired the property, which now serves as its home. In 1994 the church purchased a 6300 square foot modular building and after remodeling moved into its own facility.

    What kind of Church is FCC?

    FCC is an evangelical church. Evangelicalism affirms the classic doctrines of Christianity and seeks to introduce others to the good news of salvation in Christ. By definition, evangelicals do not withdraw from their culture, but rather seek to creatively engage it. We seek to be relevant in our expression of faith without being relative in our beliefs. Our history and our future are secured by our faith in Jesus Christ.

    What does FCC do?

    FCC offers multiple opportunities for you to connect with others and grow in your faith; (please check the Sunday Morning Worship Folder for dates, times and locations of Small Groups and other ministries.)

    FCC supports local and international ministries including: The Good Samaritan; Halifax Young Life and Tri-River Habitat for Humanity programs in Halifax County; Transitions Pregnancy Center in Danville, Virginia; Camp of the Woods Christian camping mission in Canada; Inherit A Blessing theological education in Europe; David and Jane Reeves with Distant Shores Media; Avantministries.org; WEC Ministries.

    Informal Style - FCC worships in a relaxed, conversational atmosphere. Suits and ties and dresses are acceptable forms of attire, but so are t-shirts, shorts, blue jeans and tennis shoes. 

    Contemporary Worship
     - FCC worships in a contemporary style. We seek to blend the best of updated hymns and forms of worship, contemporary praise, and celebration and devotional songs.

    Practical Teaching - FCC is committed to teaching the Bible in a way that is clear, accurate and practical. We want each person to be able to understand what the biblical text says, what it means and how it can be applied in daily life.

    Non-denominational - FCC affirms the classical doctrines of Christianity and seeks to introduce others to the 'Good News' of salvation in Christ. FCC is not affiliated with any denomination.